Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First wedding shoot

Hello all, Just thought I would share some of the details of my first wedding shoot.

I have a good friend that has been doing wedding photography for many years, after a brief conversation about possibly being a second or third shooter the opportunity came up. (this is due to extreme NSA, and the need for funding said NAS) (for those non-Nikon followers NAS = Nikon acquisition Syndrome)

I will have to say that although nervous at first once the first shutter clicked, and the images started building it really became looking through the view finder and framing a picture, and making the click.

I was the third shooter, which initially relieved some pressure. It was discussed prior that my major responsibility would be to capture the fill-in, candid, and misc shots, but to also shoot, shoot, shoot. The most nerve racking portion for me which was not previously discussed was that I was to shoot the aisle shots , kneeling in the aisle and shooting the bridal party entrance, then move around, and cover the other angles of the ceremony. What made this nerve racking for me was not the photography, but the etiquette, what was appropriate and what was not. A short discussion just prior to getting in position help clear this up. In short just try to be slow, precise, only move when required, and get the shot, once the bridal party is in position move slowly quietly around the sides to the back, and then on to the other side of the room, for the duration of the ceremony.

I started at around 2:30pm, and did not finish until 9:30pm this covered the end of the pre wedding shoot, wedding shoot, and reception. I do not know what is customary, or if there is a customary number of photos for a second/third shooter; however I did fire off about 1,700 pictures during the 7 hours, below is one of my favorites... (Sorry before I post I must make sure that it is ok, to post here.)

Gear, (which reminds me I must update that portion of my profile) I used D300s with the 50mm f1.4, no flash, auto ISO max 1600, min shutter 1/60, 0ev, some shots outside with 2ev Nd filter, shooting raw (CF), + jpeg(sd) and I must say that it performed flawlessly. The 50mm f1.4 is slow focusing; however I Love it. The DOF, and bokeh is great.

TO wrap up my friend was pleased with my performance.

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